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What is PEP?

Post-exposure prophylaxis, commonly known as PEP, is the treatment offered to a person within 72 hours of possible exposure to HIV. It is a must for those who have recently got exposed to HIV. The doctors suggest PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar if a person gets exposed to HIV during the following circumstances,

  • Having unprotected sex, i.e., sex without using a condom.
  • Sharing needles or syringes, or other accessories to inoculate drugs.

PEP is an emergency treatment and not given as a substitute for other regular medications for HIV. There are two types of PEP treatment- OPEP and NPEP. Such treatment also comes with few side effects like stomach upset, fatigue, headache, diarrhoea, insomnia, etc.

The symptoms of HIV

If any person gets detected with HIV, and if the treatment gets delayed, the person may experience complications caused due to HIV. The person can suffer possible symptoms like chronic fever, headache, excessive body ache, sore throat, bleeding gums, etc. Apart from those suffering from the problems like swelling in the lymph nodes, incurable mouth ulcers, and night sweat is also common among patients with HIV positive. Again, sudden and constant weight loss is also a common symptom among those who suffer from HIV positive. Hence, doctors suggest patients have PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar once they are exposed to this disease.

Who can take PEP?

PEP is said to be an effective medicine for those individuals who are not aware of their HIV status and are prone to get infected by HIV. Hence, you can use this medication if you feel that you might get exposed to HIV.

When to take PEP?

What if you think that you got exposed to this virus due to unprotected sex? In such a scenario, you need to have PEP within 72 hours of getting exposed to it. Sharing needles or syringes can also expose a person to HIV, and doctors recommend having PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar. However, it has been noticed that the symptoms mentioned above are not the same for all. But, most of the patients have suffered from chronic colds and flu.

Here every patient needs to understand how this deadly virus enters the human body. The harmful virus enters the human body and overcomes the blood barriers. Then the immune system gets damaged by the virus, and slowly, it starts growing new cells that deteriorate the entire immune system of the human body. Once the body�s immune system starts collapsing, the person gets affected by a different type of infection. The life span of the cells starts getting lower. In such cases, the patients need to have treatment for HIV throughout the life.

Dr. Yuvraj Arora- Best PEP for HIV treatment specialist in Kasturba Nagar

Individuals can have the best PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar guided by Dr. Yuvraj Arora from the famous PEP Treatment Clinic. Dr. Monga not only offers the medication but is also known for his excellent consultation and guidance. People doubting that they can get exposed to HIV infection can count on the real-time and result-oriented service of the doctor.

The doctor will suggest PEP to the person within 72 hours of exposure. Well, this will abstain the person from getting HIV infected. It means that if a person receives proper medication within 72 hours, they may stay away from getting infected by life-threatening HIV.

This famous doctor is offering PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar. Dr. Yuvraj Arora is always available at the popular Monga Clinic. The doctor will let you know what PEP treatment is. A set of anti-viral medicines are given to patients for 28-30 days constantly. The doctor carries on necessary assessments during the entire medication process. The PEP treatment includes counselling, necessary first-aid care, and a set of 4 drugs which continues for 28 to 30 days. Research says that this treatment is available with a 98% success rate.

Dr. Yuvraj Arora is a specialist doctor for HIV and PEP treatment in Delhi, India. It has also been noticed that PEP Treatment Clinic, where Dr. Yuvraj Arora is always available, is also a reliable and expert clinic offering the best PEP treatment service. The organization has become quite popular in Delhi for its excellent support to patients. Specialized services are offered to patients who were either exposed or got infected with HIV. The clinic and doctors attached to it are working dedicatedly for the betterment of society.

The expert doctor, Dr. Yuvraj Arora, helps people to get rid of this harmful virus. Not only the doctor himself, his team always remains updated with the medication process. The entire team is helpful for the patients. They take care of the patients with due attention and offer complete counselling. The Monga Clinic team promise to make it stress-free for patients to follow the treatment procedures.

Dr. Yuvraj Arora and his team make people understand that how timely and appropriate PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar can make people safe from harmful diseases. The experts of PEP Treatment Clinic will also let people know the various causes due to which people can get infected with this deadly virus. The PEP treatment also comes with certain cons, and the doctor will let the patients understand these side effects. Dr. Monga will also guide them about the ways to stay healthy.

It is also nice to notice that to date, nearly thousands of patients have been treated by Dr. Yuvraj Arora and his team in the PEP Treatment Clinic. The success rate is more than 90%. Most of the patients have gained huge benefits from the positive approach and dedication of the doctor and his expert team. The doctor will also suggest to patients how to lead a safe life and stay away from HIV. His guidance has saved many lives to date.

If you feel that you are also at risk of getting infected with HIV, you should not hesitate to contact Dr. Yuvraj Arora, the best doctor for PEP for HIV treatment in Kasturba Nagar. So visit the website, PEP for HIV Treatment Clinic, C/O Dr. Yuvraj Arora.